What if Wednesday: See What Kids See

What if I allow myself to see what kids see and fuel my imagination?

(c) 2014 Amanda Balough

(c) 2014 Amanda Balough


Meet Frizzy McQuack.

This freeform drawing is something I made during one of my children’s art classes. It is an exercise in creativity, meant to be fun and show kids that art does not have to be carefully planned. Every time I do this activity with children, I get new insight and fuel for my playful mind.

I often start an art series with this task, because it grabs their attention in a mouth-gaping “What???” kind of way. I give them paper and pencil and ask them to close their eyes and draw a continuous line on the page. Someone always squeals “Close my EYES?? In an art class??” and I simply smile.

Once they draw their curvy line, I ask them to notice the spaces formed by intersecting lines, and ask them to fill them in with color or patterns, any way they want.

The picture above is what we created together, I drew the first line, and then asked for input from the class as what to fill in each area.

And then, the best part, I ask them to give it a title – to look deep inside these supposedly meaningless lines and colors and give it meaning. Adults struggle with this. Kid do not. I always get many amazing suggestions and one always seems a perfect fit.

A bright blue eyed girl about age 8 scrunched her eyes at this drawing, and yelled out “Frizzy McQuack!” And as soon as she said it, I saw the duck. I’ll help you a little if don’t see it. This duck has frizzy blue hair and a blue striped beak. He has a pink and red striped tummy, green legs, and an orange foot. He is standing in a blue puddle of water.

Can you see what kids see?


2 thoughts on “What if Wednesday: See What Kids See

  1. What a fun exercise for the little ones. It is amazing what their little minds can create. Love your creative way of teaching.

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