Empty, not abandoned


My art table, my drawing board, my sketch book, my hand and my creative part of my brain has been sadly empty for quite some time now. Empty yes, but not abandoned. Life took over, in the way that only life can do, and made it impossible for me to focus on art. I can now feel the familiar pull, that urge to create is building within me. Though I have been learning more about photography and will share that soon, and as much as it has helped to fill the creative void, it will never entirely replace getting my hands connected to a piece of paper.

This image is from Pixabay, a cool site for finding free images. I wanted to get this blog going again and didn’t want a post without a picture. I do hope this will be the only post without a picture created or taken by me personally, but this is at least a good opportunity to share how much I love Pixabay, because I really do. I hope you find it useful.


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