Butterfly: Making Progress

(c) 2014 Amanda Balough

(c) 2014 Amanda Balough

Many hours later, and she’s coming to life! This is Prismacolor Premier colored pencils on Stonehenge paper. I love how the colors layer and let you play with light and dark. I love how deep and workable this paper is. I have only begun to block in shapes and colors in the background leaves. The butterfly itself is really coming along. You can see the difference from left to right wing, the right side has twice as many color applications so far. Nothing has the final edging or highlights yet, that’s the final stage and many days away. I feel the excitement and momentum building for this project again. I can finally see it finished in my mind and want to see this framed and sold. I plan to use this as my first subject of artist prints. I don’t think I can invest in giclee yet, but hoping to find an affordable way to offer prints for sale – still researching.

Can anyone think of any names for this piece?


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