This is Not Pudding

(c) 2013 Amanda Balough

(c) 2013 Amanda Balough

This is one of my most favorite paints I have ever discovered. It is Mural Paint, by Chroma. I am not paid to advertise for them, just sharing my wonderful experience with it. It is the thickest, yet creamiest paint I have ever encountered. It is completely opaque, because the pigment content is insane. It is wonderful for any outdoor art because it dries to a super hard, weatherproof shell. Chips of this paint that dried on the jug feel like a bit of broken toy or plastic cup – not like the flexible, squishy feeling of other acrylics. It is nonporous when dry. I put some into a small container here because I purchased it in 1/2 gallon jugs that don’t fit in my itty bitty art studio so well. Seen here with my favorite new brush too!


(c) 2013 Amanda Balough

(c) 2013 Amanda Balough

The next photo shows everything I need for today’s creations. I will be working on a few items at once, as usual, for two reasons. One – I have serious ADD tendencies and get bored/distracted with only one thing to focus my busy, busy mind upon. Two – Sometimes I have have to wait an entire minute for the paint to dry a bit before adding another layer and this increases efficiency to paint many items at once. (also see reason one – I can’t wait an entire minute!)

The other items here, listed in order of importance: My wonderful hand-frothed latte, my new teeny tiny detail brush, my paper plate palettes, a sealed tupperware box to keep a paper plate palette from drying out, and of course the paint itself. In addition to the Mural Paint, I am also using Liquitex. Each brand of paint has its own unique properties, but I have found that I can get any of them to do what I want eventually after some experimenting. So I usually buy whatever is on sale for indoor paint.

Today I am making more garden markers, a custom flower and butterfly design as requested, and an actual painting on actual paper with a subject I have never before attempted to paint. I’m thinking I will pair up a task that is in my comfort zone with something that may be new or daunting. I’m hopeful this will keep my spirit high, assuage my delicate perfectionist ego, and help me avoid the tendency to give up too soon and stick yet another unfinished item in my Land of Lost Art, aka my Portfolio.









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