Creating Space to Create

Today I took a huge step towards making my dreams possible. I rearranged my space challenged house and created my own little space within which I can create the numerous projects and artistic ideas I have bouncing around in my noggin.

(c) 2013 Amanda Balough

(c) 2013 Amanda Balough

First I moved the mostly completely unused treadmill out of my front room area. We will all miss the coat rack features of this handy treadmill, but otherwise it is time to admit defeat and let this device move on to another owner. For now though, it has been moved to my dining room until we can find room in the garage. Are you sensing a theme here? We are packed into this tiny house, and we all have way too many hobbies.

(c) 2013 Amanda Balough

(c) 2013 Amanda Balough

This is where the treadmill used to collect dust and coats. I have a teeny tiny artist studio now! My own little space, where the paper, paints and pencils will always be ready and calling out to me. Gone are the days of commandeering the dining room table and spending and our just to dig out my paints and put them all away again so we can eat dinner. I’m so excited! My current project is on the easel there in the underpainting stage, I’ll be sharing more about that in future posts.

I hope to add some shelves, bins, or something to keep all my materials handy here. How do you keep your art supplies organized and still accessible when you have limited space?


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